The Philadelphia-Continental Chapter Color Guard

The chapter's color guard personifies promoting patriotism, and the accomplishments of the American Revolutionary War soldier, all to the end of keeping alive the flame of the deeds of our patriot ancestors.   It does this by:

The guard's calendar logged forty one events in 2006.  Like the chapter, its color guard has a very long history.  The color guard members wear the uniform of the "Commander-in-Chief's Guard", or as it was traditionally called, "Washington's Life Guard".  The coat is blue with tan facing, breeches are tan, and the waistcoat is scarlet.  They carry the special unit's standard, on which is emblazoned its motto: “Conquer or die”.  At Valley Forge, the “Guard” assisted General Von Steuben in drilling the encamped farmer-soldiers into a battle-ready force that scored a masterful victory over the British at the battle of Monmouth in New Jersey shortly after leaving Valley Forge.

Philip M. Anders is the Color Guard Captain


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