About the Philadelphia Continental Chapter

By Win Carroll, et al.


    The Philadelphia Continental Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution began as the Philadelphia Chapter on March 29, 1901.  In December, 1927, Chapter members from Germantown, Philadelphia, met to establish a separate "Continental" Chapter, which was officially approved the following month. Thirty years later, in 1958, the two chapters merged, and assumed its present combined name.

    Today, with slightly over 300 members, Philadelphia Continental Chapter is not only the largest chapter in the state, but one of the five largest chapters in the National Association.  In its over 110-year history, the Chapter's Compatriots have engaged in a wide range of patriotic, educational, and historical activities - often together, frequently as individuals.

    In 1922, its Board of Management commended the Philadelphia mayor for vetoing a City Council bill which would have allowed for the temporary removal of the Liberty Bell to other sections of the country.  In 1937, one of its wealthy members provided funds for the much-needed restoration of the Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia.  In 1976, it hosted the National Society's Annual Congress for the 200th Anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  Recently, the Chapter has donated funds to many sites and causes concerned with the preservation and recognition of the American Revolution, to include:

Paoli Battlefield Preservation Fund toward the purchase of the 45-acre battlefield site in Malvern, Pennsylvania

Washington Square restoration

Washington Rochambeau Revolutionary Route in Pennsylvania (W3R-PA)

Washington Memorial Chapel at Valley Forge National Park - restoration

    Chapter Compatriots place individual Betsy Ross flags annually on close to 1500 Revolutionary graves in Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties. Our Color Guard, dressed in Continental Army uniforms, is often seen at ceremonies around the area.

    The Chapter presents awards to many local Eagle Scouts and to R.O.T.C. cadets in nearby high schools and universities, and participates in parades and ceremonials. The Chapter also provides the Greenspan Scholarship to area college students attending area schools and studying U.S. history, government, or specified related fields. Please see the awards pages for details.

    Individual Chapter Compatriots distribute books to hospitalized veterans, give talks on historical subjects in the area, engage in other patriotic activities, and are active in their communities. Members receive the Chapter's quarterly newsletter, the Compatriot News.

    For the year 2016, dues for the Chapter are $25.00.  This, combined with the $24.00 senior dues of the State Society and the $35.00 of the National Society, brings total SAR annual dues to $84.00.  Life membership in both the Chapter and National Association is also available. Chapter headquarters, like the State Society's, move with its Secretary's residence.


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