8th               Board of Management Meeting, Charlottes Restaurant        10:00 AM

12th               Newsletter deadline, Carl Fletcher, Editor



8th               Williamson School Annual Program                                        6:00 PM                                                                          

17th             George Washington Birthday Celebration, City Tavern          

                               Color Guard march-off to Washington Square            11:00 AM

                                                 Color Guard to Independence Hall            11:15 AM

                                                       Color Guard returns to City Tavern       11:45 AM



5th              Board of Management Meeting, Charlottes Restaurant             10:30AM




7th               Ladies Day Program, M@AR, Philadelphia, PA                    10:00 AM

15th              Newsletter deadline, Carl Fletcher, Editor

21st              Ladies Day Program, Chanticleer Garden, Wayne, PA - NO men

            21st             Masonís march to Franklinís grave, lunch, City Tavern          10:00 AM




            4/5th          PASSAR Annual Meeting, Valley Forge Casino, King of Prussia, PA    various

             5th             PASSAR Banquet, President Greg Shively presiding- Color Guard

             6th             French Alliance Day, Washington Chapel, Valley Forge            1:00 PM

             10th             Board of Management & Chapter Meeting, Charlottes Restaurant    6:00PM

               23rd           National Garden Clubs, Loews Hotel, Phila, PA                       9:00 AM

            28th            Radnor Memorial Day Parade                                                    9:00 AM

            28th            Radnor Twp Veteranís Memorial Program, Wayne, PA            11:00AM

            28th            DARóSAR  Wreath setting, Washington Square                      3:30 PM




              3rd             Malvern Parade, Fire Houseó                                                 12:30 PM

            10th            Chapter Picnic, Fenimore Woods                                              11:00 AM

            14th            Stars and Stripes Festival, Constitution Center,                        10:00 AM

               14th            Stars and Stripes Festival, Independence Hall                           11:00 AM
            14th            Stars and Stripes Festival, Flag House                                        1:00 PM

            14th            DAR Flag Day Service, Lansdowne                                            6:30PM

            17th            March Out, Valley Forge National Historical Park                      9:30 AM



             4th              East Vincent Twp Program, Rt 23                                                9:00 AM

             4th              Flag House, Let Freedom Ring,                                                    1:30 PM

             15th            Newsletter deadline, Carl Fletcher, Editor



            August            No scheduled activities         




           11th        Board of Management Meeting, Charlottes Restaurant                           10:30AM

           15th        Constitution Day Luncheon, Valley Forge Casino Resort                       11:00 AM

           15th        PSSDAR-CAR Debutante Ball, Valley Forge Casino Resort                   6:00 PM       (Not a Chapter event)

           16th        PSSDAR State Church Service, Memorial Chapel, VFNHP, Valley Forge  1:00 PM

           17th        Constitution Day Flag Raising, Nat'l Constitution Ctr., Phila.,PA.             8:30 AM



             3rd        Annual PCC Chapter Meeting, Election of Officers, Glenhardie CC     6:00 PM

                          1399 N. Old Eagle School Rd Wayne, PA

             6 th        Germantown Battle Day                                                                       10:00 AM                             

             14th      Newsletter deadline, Carl Fletcher, Editor




             3 rd       Veteranís Week Parade, Coatesville VA Medical Center                 9:00AM

             9 th        PCC Installation of officers, Overbrook Golf Club                           6:00PM




             3rd         Board of Management Meeting, Charlottes Restaurant                  10:30AM

            16th       Lucia Celebration, Christ Church, Swedesburg, PA                        6:00 PM

            19th      March In, Valley Forge National Historical Park                             5:30 PM