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Cemeteries in Greene County


Patriots are listed in alphabetical order; to locate, select the
 letter of the desired surname.

Unknown Index of Cemeteries




Cemetery Address City County
A J Morris Cemetery Head of Dutch Run on state game land Whiteley Twp Greene
Ackley Cemetery aka Teagarden Owens Run - Rt 4007 from Graysville Richhill Twp Greene
Adamson Cemetery Between Ruff Creek & Ten Mile Creek on John McIlvaine farm Morgan Twp Greene
Anderson Burial Ground No longer exists - under golf course-Carmichaels Cumberland Twp Greene
Armstrong Burial Ground End of Stringtown Road Cumberland Twp Greene
Bald Hill Cemetery Across from Bald Hill Church Dunkard Twp Greene
Boler Family Cemetery Bolers Ridge Center Twp Greene
Bradford Cemetery 1/2 mile east of Fairall Church Whiteley Twp Greene
Calvary Baptist Church Lippencott Morgan Twp Greene
Cox Cemetery Lower end of Casteel Run Morgan Twp Greene
Cree Family Farm Cemetery 3/4 mile west of Khedive on Muddy Creek Jefferson Twp Greene
Cumpston Cemetery Near Davistown Dunkard Twp Greene
Dunkard Cemetery Newtown near Bobtown Dunkard Twp Greene
Emery Cemetery North of Rt 88 & Crucible Road Cumberland Twp Greene
Fort Jackson Cemetery No longer exists Franklin Twp Greene
Fox Cemetery Fox Run, 3 miles north of Mt Morris Perry Twp Greene
Garards Fort Cemetery Rt 2011 east of Corbly Church Greene Twp Greene
Garrison Cemetery Schuyler Garrison Farm Monongahela Twp Greene
Geho Cemetery Hagen Knight Farm Wayne Twp Greene
Glades Cemetery aka New Providence Cemetery Carmichaels, intersection of Rt 88 & Rt 683 Cumberland Twp Greene
Gray Cemetery Graysville Gray Twp Greene
Greene Academy Cemetery Carmichaels Cumberland Twp Greene
Greene County Memorial Park  1003 Jefferson Road, Waynesburg Morgan Twp Greene
Greene Mount Cemetery Rt 19, north of Waynesburg Waynesburg Twp Greene
Greensboro Cemetery Greensboro Monongahela Twp Greene
Gwyn Cemetery Southeast of Khedive Cumberland Twp Greene
Hanna Cemetery Unknown Monongahela Twp Greene
Heaton Cemetery Steven Hill Farm, northwest of Mather Morgan Twp Greene
Herroid Cemetery Unknown Morgan Twp Greene
Hewitts Cemetery Rices Landing Cumberland Twp Greene
Hills Cemetery Western Franklin Twp Franklin Twp Greene
Hinerman Family Cemetery Unknown Aleppo Twp Greene
Hook Cemetery at Harvey Pratt Farm No longer exists Franklin Twp Greene
Hopewell Cemetery   Center Twp Greene
House Cemetery Kennel Road from Rt 188 Waynesboro to private lane Morgan Twp Greene
Huffman Farm Cemetery Unknown Morris Twp Greene
Hughes Graveyard Unknown Cumberland Twp Greene
Hughes-McClain Cemetery Rices Landing Jefferson Twp Greene
Inghram Graveyard Policz Road, west of Gordon Hill Road Franklin Twp Greene
Ironside Cemetery aka Old Hilltop Baptist Opposite church, west of Rt 19 Whiteley Twp Greene
Jefferson Cemetery aka Old Presbyterian Jefferson Jefferson Twp Greene
Jess Orndoff Farm Cemetery Hargus Creek Center Twp Greene
Keener-Willow Tree Cemetery Rt 616, Keeners Knob Greene Twp Greene
Lantz Cemetery On Miracle Run, near Brave Wayne Twp Greene
Lemley Cemetery Southwest of Mt Morris on Rt 2003 Perry Twp Greene
Leonard Burial Ground Spotted Pony Road off Rt 31 Jefferson Twp Greene
Lewis Park Farm Cemetery Farmed over, northeast of Blacksville Wayne Twp Greene
Little Shannon Run Cemetery Unknown Perry Twp Greene
Longstreth Cemetery Near Rushs Crossroads Wayne Twp Greene
McGinnis Family Plot Wm. Hall Farm, 1 mile south of Mt Zion Church Morgan Twp Greene
Milliken Cemetery About 1 mile south of Jefferson Jefferson Twp Greene
Minor Cemetery Greensboro Monongahela Twp Greene
Monongahela Hill Cemetery Unknown Monongahela Twp Greene
Moredock Cemetery Rt 188 adjacent to Randolph farm Jefferson Greene
Mt Morris Cemetery Mt Morris Perry Twp Greene
Mt Pleasant Cemetery Rt 19, south of Waynesburg Whiteley Twp Greene
Myers Cemetery aka Phillips 2 miles north of Brock Perry Twp Greene
Neddy Wood Farm Cemetery Unknown Center Twp Greene
Old Bates Fork Cemetery Above Swartz, on Fonner Run Morris Twp Greene
Old Blacksville Cemetery Rt 218, Blacksville Wayne Twp Greene
Old Braddock Burial Ground Crabapple Creek, northwest of Wind Ridge Richhill Twp Greene
Old East Waynesburg Cemetery No longer exists Franklin Twp Greene
Old Greensboro Cemetery Rt 2014, Greensboro Monongahela Twp Greene
Old Mapletown Cemetery David Gray Farm Monongahela Twp Greene
Old Presbyterian Cemetery Greensboro Monongahela Twp Greene
Old South Cemetery Rt 119, Point Marion Dunkard Twp Greene
Old Tanner Cemetery Jesse Keener Farm, near Whiteley Creek Greene Twp Greene
Old White Church Cemetery about 3 mi south of Waynesburg on White's Ridge Franklin Twp Greene
Original O'Neil Cemetery Unknown Cumberland Twp Greene
Orndoff Cemetery at Floyd Miller Farm 1 mile south of Fairall Church Franklin Twp Greene
Patterson Cemetery Unknown Whiteley Twp Greene
Porter Graveyard Rt 19, south of Waynesburg Franklin Twp Greene
Rhodes Farm Family Cemetery Unknown Franklin Twp Greene
Rickey Graveyard J B Powers Farm Morris Twp Greene
Rinehart Cemetery Gordan Farm, west side of Garards Fort Road Franklin Twp Greene
Rush Cemetery Lower end of Castile Run Morgan Twp Greene
Seals Graveyard No longer exists Franklin Twp Greene
Seaton Cemetery South of Carmichaels Cumberland Twp Greene
Sellers Graveyard Routes 18 & 21 towards Oak Forest Franklin Twp Greene
Shephards Cemetery North of Carmichaels, near Crucible Road Cumberland Twp Greene
Smith Cemetery Rt 218, south of Waynesburg Franklin Twp Greene
Smith II Cemetery No longer exists Jefferson Twp Greene
South Cemetery Near Bobtown Road, Rt 2011 Greene Twp Greene
Stall Cemetery Hampson Heirs Farm Center Twp Greene
Stewart Private Graveyard 3 miles south of Waynesburg on Rt 218 Franklin Twp Greene
Swan Cemetery South of Rices Landing Cumberland Twp Greene
Temple Cemetery Rt 2011, 2 miles south of Historical Society Whiteley Twp Greene
Vanmatre Cemetery South of Dry Tavern - no longer exists Jefferson Twp Greene
Villars Cemetery Northwest of Khedive Jefferson Twp Greene
Weaver Graveyard Family Farm, mouth of Castile Run Morgan Twp Greene
West Union Presbyterian Church Cemetery West Union Morris Twp Greene
White Cemetery at Ida Ely Farm 3/4 mile north of Fairall Church Whiteley Twp Greene
Whiteley Chapel Cemetery Near Kirby exit I-97 Whiteley Twp Greene
Wolf Run Cemetery John Blair Farm, 3 miles south of Ryerson Station Richhill Twp Greene


This is our Chapter's attempt to locate and/or relocate the gravesites of over 180 soldiers listed in this index.

We encourage and welcome your support on information on these soldiers, their families, military service and gravesites. If you'd like to help in a certain area, please let us know so we don't duplicate each others work.


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