Sons of the American Revolution
Pennsylvania Society


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Patriots I

IAMS John MO Washington Franklin Cemetery Soldier 1750 1823 Unknown George Washington
ICKES Henry PA Adams Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery Private 1714 1800   Continental Congress
ICKES Peter PA Adams Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery Captain 1748 1829   Continental Congress
ILGENFRITZ Christian PA York Bupp Burial Ground Private 1735 1818   Continental Congress
ILGENFRITZ Samuel PA York Christ Lutheran Church Cemetery Private 1769 1835   Continental Congress
ILLING George PA Lancaster Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery Soldier 1772 1814   Continental Congress
IMBODEN Johannes H PA Lebanon Hill Lutheran Church Cemetery Soldier 1733 1819 Unknown Gov. Joseph Hiester
IMMEL Leonard PA Lebanon Union Burying Ground Captain 1747 1839 Unknown Gov. Joseph Hiester
INGERSOLL Jared PA Philadelphia Old Pine St Presby Ch Cem Signer US Constitution 1749 1822 Known Phila. Continental
INGHRAM Arthur PA Greene Inghram Graveyard Private 1746 1834   Fort Jackson
INGRAM William PA Dauphin Paxton Presbyterian Church Cemetery Soldier Unknown Unknown   Harris Ferry
INKS Thomas MD Fayette Farmington Cemetery Private 1750 1823   Gen. Arthur St. Clair
INMAN Henry PA Beaver Old Stone Church Private Cem Private 1758 1845   Gen. Anthony Wayne
INNIS Brice PA Dauphin Old Hanover Church Cemetery aka Manada Surgeon's Mate 1751 1776   Harris Ferry
INSKEEP John PA Philadelphia Christ Epis Ch Cem - 5th St Captain 1754 1831 Known Phila. Continental
IRISH Nathaniel PA Allegheny Trinity Cathedral Cemetery Captain 1736 1816 Known Pittsburgh
IRVIN Christopher PA York Chanceford Presbyterian Church Cemetery Private 1746 1814   Continental Congress
IRVINE Andrew PA Cumberland Old Graveyard Captain 1742 1789   Washingtonburg
IRVINE Anne (Callender) PA Philadelphia Old Swedes Church Cemetery Lady Patriot 1758 1823 Known Phila. Continental
IRVINE James PA Philadelphia Christ Epis Ch Cem - 5th St Brigadier General 1735 1819 Known Phila. Continental
IRVINE James PA Cumberland Silver Spring Presby Ch Cemetery Private 1726 1811   Washingtonburg
IRVINE James PA Huntingdon Manor Hill Presby Church Cemetery Private 1760 1838 Frontier Patriots
IRVINE John PA Cumberland Silver Spring Presby Ch Cemetery Private 1766 1824   Washingtonburg
IRVINE Samuel PA Cumberland Big Spring Presbyterian Church Cemetery Lieutenant Colonel 1747 1806   Washingtonburg
IRVINE William PA Philadelphia Old Swedes Church Cemetery Brigadier General 1741 1803 Known Phila. Continental
IRWIN George PA Philadelphia National Cem Captain 1754 1797 Unknown Phila. Continental
IRWIN Henry PA Philadelphia Axs Cem (Upper Burial Grounds) Lieutenant Colonel 1750 1777 Unknown Phila. Continental
IRWIN James PA Westmoreland Congruity Presby Cemetery Sergeant 1757 1829   Gen. Arthur St. Clair
IRWIN James PA Montgomery West Laurel Hill Cem Private Unknown 1815 Unknown Phila. Continental
IRWIN John PA Armstrong Union Presby Ch Cem Colonel 1740 1822   Gen. Arthur St. Clair
IRWIN John PA Allegheny Allegheny Cem Major Unknown 1808 Known Pittsburgh
IRWIN Joseph PA Westmoreland Old Greensburg Union Cemetery Lieutenant 1736 1803   Gen. Arthur St. Clair
IRWIN Moses PA Lancaster Chestnut Level Presbyterian Church Cemetery Captain 1720 1805   Continental Congress
IRWIN Nathaniel PA Chester Seceder Burial Ground Sergeant 1757 1836 Known Phila. Continental
IRWIN Robert, Sr PA Erie Unknown Farm Cem Ensign Unknown 1818 Unknown Erie
IRWIN Thomas PA Lancaster Old Leacock Presbyterian Church Cemetery Private 1726 1802   Continental Congress
IRWIN Thomas PA Washington North Buffalo Presby Ch Cem Private 1755 1829 Known George Washington
IRWIN/ERWIN James PA Chester Oxford Community Cemetery Private 1754 1823 Known Phila. Continental
ISAMAN Peter PA Westmoreland Brush Creek UCC Cem Private 1754 1817   Gen. Arthur St. Clair
ISEMAN Christian PA Westmoreland Harrolds Union Cemetery Soldier unknown unknown   Gen. Arthur St. Clair
ISH Christian PA Lancaster Unknown Burial Location Private 1760 1794   Continental Congress
ISHERWOOD Pilgrim Francis PA Erie Dunn Valley Cem aka Talmadge Ranger 1747 1828 Known Erie