JROTC/ROTC Recognition Program

Selection criteria is primarily left up to the Senior Military Science Instructor based on merit in patriotism, leadership, military bearing, scholarship and general excellence.

An application with attachments should be completed by the Senior Military Science Instructor and forwarded to the local SAR contact on all nominees. The Nomination form is available for download at www.sar.org at tab youth education scroll to JROTC/ROTC. One award is given for every 500 students

The Bronze ROTC Medal and is presented to cadets in secondary school JROTC units, and the  Silver ROTC Medal to cadets in university ROTC units.

For the State Contest is only for a JROTC cadet who also submits an original essay on the topic "How JROTC has prepared me to be a better citizen of the United States".  The Chapter JROTC Contest winner with essay is judged at the State JROTC Contest with the winner being forwarded to the National JROTC Contest before May First.

The JROTC Chapter Award includes a bronze medallion with neck ribbon; the State Award includes a Silver medallion with neck ribbon.

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For complete information about the JROTC/ROTC Recognition Program generally, including the contest rules, visit the ROTC/JROTC Recognition Program Page at the NSSAR Website.


   Last Updated 9/30/2016