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Sons of the American Revolution

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Ladies Auxiliary PASSAR

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At the August 6, 2016 quarterly meeting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the Ladies Auxiliary Pennsylvania Sons of the American Revolution (LAPASSAR) was born and strongly endorsed by PASSAR’s newly elected state president, Donald Mengle.  

The founding board was introduced and installed at the November 6, 2016 quarterly meeting held in Duncansville, PA.  Founding Board members included Jan Showler, President; Stephanie Troutman, 1st VP; Becky Moyer, 2nd VP; Denise Harry, Secretary; Sue Morgan, Treasurer and Betty Dechant, Chaplain.

The present Board for 2024-2025 is:

Becky Moyer - President

Maribeth Wilt-Seibert - First Vice-President

Denise Reinhart - Second Vice-President

Sue Brown -  Secretary

Cindy Mills - Treasurer

Pat McKim - Chaplain 

Tiffany Reibel - LA Times Editor



Membership in the Auxiliary is open to Women who wish to support SAR and its mission.

Our mission is to support and assist the Pennsylvania and National Societies in furthering the objectives and patriotic activities of the Societies.  

At present, the Pennsylvania Ladies Auxiliary (LAPASSAR) has forty-three (43) members, and growing. We consist of members from all over the state, our meetings and programs are held four times a year and take place while the compatriots are meeting.  The Auxiliary is a great way for us to connect, support and enjoy each other while we support the Pennsylvania and National Societies with their objectives and activities. As part of our support, we hold fund raising events to assist with these objectives.

If interested in joining, please e-mail Maribeth-Wilt-Seibert at mwtseibert@aol.com for information.   Dues are $10.00 annually and include membership not only in the Pennsylvania Society Ladies Auxiliary ( LAPASSAR) but also in the National Ladies Auxiliary Sons of the American Revolution (NLASAR).

We have a great time together, and we hope that you will want to join us.

We are looking forward to hosting the 2024 Congress in Pennsylvania


LAPASSAR documents available are shown below.
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