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License Plate




Please follow these instructions carefully to expedite the application process.  You must fill out one (1) application [Form MV-904SP (7-19)] for each vehicle (passenger car, motor home, or truck only) you wish to register.  The fee is twenty-seven dollars ($27) per vehicle, with an additional two dollars ($2.00) for each optional EXTRA registration card.  Remember that in addition to filling out all of section A, you also need to provide your signature in section E.  Do not use section D, as PASSAR is not accepting personalization at this time.  Your check for the plate itself (and extra cards) should be made payable to Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Your registration renewal date will not change with the new plate.

PASSAR was billed by the State for design and sample costs of original plate production, and is billed at the time of order for manufacturing costs of the plate you personally receive.  To help defray those expenses, you need to enclose a SECOND check made payable to PASSAR for twenty-five dollars ($25) for EACH plate you order.  The actual plate design is shown below.

PASSAR License Plate


Remember:  TWO CHECKS!!

           1.        Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

           2.        PASSAR


Blank MV applications may be requested from, and completed applications should be sent to:

Tom Showler
 2323 Edinboro Rd Unit GH31
 Erie, PA 16509-8309

 For questions, phone him at 814-616-6940, or e-mail him at



When he receives your completed application and checks, he will verify your PASSAR membership, sign his name in Section C and forward your application(s) to PENNDOT, along with a cover letter.  Please allow four to six weeks for the delivery of the new plate to your home address.  Plate numbers are assigned by PENNDOT; PASSAR has no control over the five-digit number(s) you receive (numbers are currently in the series: 002XX). 

Just a reminder that by signing your name in Section E, you agree to return your plate to PENNDOT if you subsequently drop your PASSAR membership.

Thanks for your interest in the plates, and be PASSAR-PROUD! 


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